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 My name is Mike Miller. I have been fabricating custom motorcycle seating for over 20 years. I use medical grade GEL for comfort. Seats can be altered to riders shape and weight. This can add comfort and safety. I can fabricate pans for custom applications from 14 ga. cold rolled steel,mig welded,and hidden hardware.
  I use exotic materials to create the  seat or "keystone"
that can bring your project to the next level. Call for a personal consultation. Only the best materials and craftmanship can produce the best results! 
  All exotic hides are CITES tagged and harvested from wild animals. American Alligators are caught and tanned in Florida and can be ordered in hornback or belly hides. Crocodile hides are imported from Columbia, South America and are an excellent cost alternative to Alligator. Shark and Stingrays are from the warm Gulf of Mexico. Elephant is imported from South Africa and can be ordered from various areas of the animal,adult back,belly,ear,and trunk. Ostrich is imported from Isreal and South Africa.  
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